Q.  Will I receive the Duck from the photograph ?

A.  You will receive the size and colour but usually they are randomly chosen. Poses may vary  i.e;  looking left, straight forward or right.

Q.  Can I choose a name for a Duck ?

A.  If you wish to choose your own name this will be £4 extra. This only applies to DCUK ducks, puffins, penguins and birds.

Q.  The ceramic picture tile looks slightly different from the picture.

A.  All ceramic picture tiles are handmade. They all differ slightly but this is the beauty of some thing that is handmade.

Q.  Can I tile the ceramic tile to the wall ?

A.  Yes a lot of customers have our tiles tiled to walls.  First you must soak the tile in hot soapy water overnight. Then with a kitchen knife gently run down between the felt backing and the tile. Remove any adhesive.